Get ready to View Pune Ganesh Utsav in Virtual Reality!!

When we talk about technology advancement and use of technology we always think about its application in business such as improving productivity, making customers happy, making that extra bit of sale. Most of the talking points about technology in the media will be around these points.

Let me ask you a question, is life all about business? Is technology all about satisfying our materialistic needs? What about the emotional and spiritual side of us which almost all the time, when satisfied, leads to a happy human being?

One start-up from Pune has set-out to change exactly the same. Like every other business they are focused on serving their customers and creating niche solutions using technology. However, they found a unique way of giving it back to the society. MyVRooms is on a mission to help those who have been neglected by their own and to some extent by the society. Despite a strong desire and wish to visit some of the religious places, there are some less fortunate in our society who may never be able to enjoy the life in the same manner as you and me can because of their physical limitations.

This is where MyVRooms wants to use the technology to bring the smile on those elderly faces which were once full of bloom.

Changing family value system, economic compulsions of the children, neglect and abuse has caused elders to fall through the net of family care. Old Age Homes seem ideal for elderly people who are alone, face health problems, depression and loneliness; but many times they feel the need to go out there and enjoy the small things in life.

Ganesh Utsav is one of its kind events that have been cherished for generations generally in India and specifically in Maharashtra. It marks the beginning of all religious festivals in India. The elderly and senior citizens though wanting to go, could not do so due to physical limitation. The founders of this start up felt the pain of the elderly and decided to make them re-live those moments all over again using Virtual Reality. If they cannot visit the temples and decorations physically, we will virtually make them visit it, is the thought behind this whole initiative.

It was only a thought that has struck the right chord with people of all ages. With this noble thought and a social cause that is so dear to all of us, the help started pouring in. Technology enthusiasts like Kiran Kirve and Digambar pitched in to develop an app. Puneet Badam came forward to give a push on social media.

Amey Thakar from Kasba Ganpati loved the idea and pitched it to Shri Shrikant Shete, President of Shri Kasba Ganpati Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Mandal. Mr. Shete, himself being a champion of many social initiatives, loved the idea and immediately gave permission for the same. Other Mandals also supported the cause wholeheartedly and very generously.

During this Ganesh Utsav MyVRooms is planning to give the Virtual Reality experiences to Old Age Homes, People in hospital, Orphanage and such.

Availability of VR cardboards and the challenge of reaching out to so many institutions were staring them in the face. But as they say, when you are set-out to do good for others, things fall in place. Tata Motors Tiago division donated all the remaining cardboards they had and a shipment arrived at the doorstep of MyVRooms within two days of Jitesh Khurkhuriya contacting them.

We are very thrilled to write about this as are the founders of MyVRooms for executing this. Can we help them by volunteering for this cause? Also, if you know or can reach out to such institutions who may want to host an event for an hour or two for their guests, we will be more than welcome to pass on your message to the organizers of the event #VRGanesh.

To make it more convenient for people an Android app will be launched on Ganesh Chaturthi, 5th September with the same name – MyVRooms.

You can also visit their newly created Facebook page specifically for this purpose and message them directly for volunteering or joining hands in any other way. Even any other Mandals who would like to join can contact them.

You can visit the 360 degree views at –

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