Think smart while investing in Real Estate – Ekaant

Real estate investing, even on a very small scale, remains a tried and true means of building an individual’s cash flow and wealth.’ – Robert Kiyosaki

At certain stage in our life, we all face this very important question of investment. Some of us take too long in investing while some do it too early. You have to be very sure that you are making the right decision both in term of project you are investing in and the time you are investing at. After all, you would be investing your life long income.


A decade ago, the investment decisions were simple compared to present. With your 3 to 5 years of saving you could have purchased a flat/house. Now the situation is different. The prices of the flats have doubled in the last 5 years while the average income of people has almost remained same.

People still want to invest but in the saving that they have it is really difficult to get a home/flat. People need to look for alternatives, better investment options. There are very few places in real estate sector where an average individual can invest without huge loans from banks and also get good returns. You need to do some hard work, research, read up, and make smart, educated decisions to acquire the best real estate investments!

One such project has been launched by Wide Wings Corporations. The idea is to make sure investment is in the reach of average citizen and everyone gets a chance to grow. And by covering this project here we are reducing all your effort on the research part.

Ekaant – Forest Holiday Homes & Spiritual Center

This project located in Guhagar is going to be one of the biggest Spiritual Center of Maharashtra. They will be lot of people visiting this place over the next few years. People are expected from Europe and every part of India. This place is expected to be the biggest tourist attraction in coming years.

The project offers you –

-2000 sqft of N.A. land area which is Approved by Collector/ Town Planning ( Ratnagiri)

-320 sqft of fully furnished cottage which has all the amenities

-Rs 5000/- monthly rental guarantee for next three years

All this comes at a price of 15 lacs ONLY*.

It is a common knowledge to all that the prices of land and property in metro cities are already at peek. So it does not make much sense to invest in cities like Mumbai/Pune and expect high returns. Great investors always think ahead of time and invest in developing region. This makes Ekaant investor’s paradise. This is located in the most developing part of Maharashtra.

With the above details you can very well make out that if you have been waiting all this long to invest in a good project with a good return then your wait was worth. This project has double advantage – first, since you are investing in land the price is always going to increase and second you are getting a return on your investment in terms of monthly rental on your Studio cottage. A rare combination to get.

Stop waiting and take a step forward in knowing more about the project.

What exactly will be there and how all this will work will be covered in next article.

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Forest Holiday Homes – Ekaant

Lot has changed over last 20 years in terms of crowd in the cities and in surrounding areas. People used to go to the nearby hill stations to spend their weekend peacefully. That is no longer possible; those places which we used to visit on weekends have become more crowded than the cities. There are still people out there who want to spend a peaceful weekend after 5 days of tiring work. Does the place of their dream really exist?

The answer is Forest Holiday Homes.

One of the most wonderful things about forest holidays is that they are wrapped in tradition. In lands full of simple cabins, ancient walking trails, foraging, remote villages and hidden lakes, there are lots of reasons to hug trees.

Imagine yourself in a Forest Holidays cabin; your sanctuary in the forest. The first rays of the sun falling on you through a small space of your window, birdsong carried on the breeze, absolute peace in the cool morning. You have a luxury of time, space and tranquillity, to relax, recharge and rediscover, to reconnect with an age when life was simpler and fun.

From the above description if you have made up your mind that this is where you would like to spend most of your holidays then you have made a right decision. You must now be wondering – Does such a place exist? If so, where?

The answer to your dreamland is Ekaant – an Eternal Solitude.


The place is spread over landscape of 21 acres in true paradise land of Guhagar in Konkan, right into the arms of Mother Nature. At Ekaant, you will be living in a habitat which is blessed with inherent unique bio diversity. Ekaant is surrounded by green forests, lovely river-sides, lakes, farm lands giving you the rich feel of living close to countryside.

Homes at Ekaant are designed and developed in a way assuring the Eco-Friendly construction. At Ekaant you never lose your connect with Mother Nature.

A top view of your dream Holiday Home

The place gives you more than you can think of. As mentioned above the place gives you best scenic beauty and along with that you will also be part of huge Spiritual Centre which is planned there and starting very soon.

The place will not only be refreshing your mind but also your soul where you explore and develop your spirituality. It will provide a variety of experiences for individuals and groups, including directed, guided retreats and preached retreats, days of reflections, programs and workshops and other creative opportunities with gifted national and local presenters.

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Forest Holiday Homes – How to attract people

The city is crowded, even the hill stations are not the place for peace on weekends. After 5 days of tiring work you need some peace for sure. Does the place of your dream really exist?

Hill stations are no longer places to relax for weekend; they are more crowded than the city. But there are people out there who want to spend a peaceful day. The one place to be is Forest Holiday Homes.


One of the most wonderful things about forest holidays is that they are wrapped in tradition. In lands full of simple cabins, ancient walking trails, foraging, remote villages and hidden lakes, there are lots of reasons to hug trees.

So the people who are selling such places have hit a bull’s eye. They are selling the right thing. Now they have to sell it in right way.

In this article I am not covering Forest holiday Homes, this is more about attracting people to the place as a sales and marketing team.

The most important thing for this campaign as in any other campaign is to reach the right set of people. Once you reach them it is very important to capture or grab their attention immediately. You must be reaching them your through your website or brochure and how you present you ideas is what the game is all about.

The most important thing is your headlines; second the picture and third photo caption and then the sub heads and finally the rest of the text. So if you have not designed the campaign keeping the above sequence in mind then revisit. The headlines and image does half of your sales job.

The headline should showcase a benefit or promise. I was to this beautiful place, Coorg, with my friends and this is how one of them described a house on hill – “You can’t help but fall in love with the house at the hilltop.” Headlines like these give a direct message – this is the place you want to be. So if you selling a forest holiday home, you have to come up with a line that makes the reader to be at that place. The images and quotes should be such that reader should be able to image themselves in the place in real.

You need to help them picture their holiday. The debate has always been there if words or picture has more effect on the buyer. The jury is divided but I think for the Holiday Homes images win the battle. Always add captions to your photos. They will, as hinted earlier, have much higher levels of readership than your main body of text.

The other important point to attract people is to present things to them how they would like to see it rather than how you would like to have them. If you are writing out a mailing campaign them you have to understand there are 3 types of readers in the market. The “Yes” reader – is interested in everything that is good and of their interest. The “No” reader – you will never be able to convince them that what you are selling to them is good for them. They will have preconceived notion, you are overpriced. Then there are “Maybe” reader – they are not sure about the thing. They don’t know if they want a Forest Holiday home or not. Your campaign/mail should be designed to give them enough reasons to go with you.

The things that have I have mentioned are very basics. The point is we usually don’t design a campaign for marketing Holiday homes keeping these points in minds.