Heal yourself in Ekaant

It is not only you that has got a problem. If there is one thing common to all humans, it has to be problems. We all have them only the level varies.

There have been two major changes with respect to problems over past 25 years. First, the number of problems for an individual has increased because life has become complicated though technology was supposed to make it simple. There are so many more things an individual has to worry about that a person in past did not have to. The other change is since the numbers of problem are so many we have made peace with it. We have stopped finding solutions and have started living with problems.

In this article, we are focusing on healing your chronic pain which is experienced by both mind and body which are connected and impossible to separate. If we just think of all our problems we will notice that 80% of them are experienced by the mind. The mind can be touched by ethereal connections much the same way as the body can be touched by physical treatments. It’s just that we don’t bother to heal our mind problems.

The board at Wide Wings Corporation has done lot research in this field and they wanted to bring back peaceful and problem free life for people. With this noble thought they have setup a Forest Holiday Homes & Spiritual center at one of the most peaceful location of India – where you get a chance to be with yourself. Not only this, the place gives you option to heal your mind and believe me such places are very difficult to find.

Located in the picturesque view of Guhagar which is a paradise both in terms of development and natural beauty, Ekaant – Forest Holiday Homes and Spiritual Center offers you not only peace but great investment option. You can ask yourself – Will healing of mind brings in more happiness and meaningful results to my life? If answer is yes, make this place yours.

There is a foundation named Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) which has conducted spiritual research for over 25 years which reveals that 80% of problems in life have their root cause in the spiritual dimension. Thus these problems can be overcome completely only by complementing worldly efforts with remedies in the spiritual dimension. This explains the importance of spiritual healing in solving problems in one’s life.

img_20150403_172941124_hdrWhen you are ill, you need to take in extra supplements in a form of medicine and fruits to recover soon. The normal intake of daily food would not help you. In a same way, to have a problem free life you need to look at both physical and spiritual aspects. Most of us only look at the physical aspect and completely ignore the spiritual aspect. Though things are changing fast and most of us have realised that physical healing alone is not going to cure us. The problem also lies in our mind which is created because of the stressful working condition and lifestyle and it also deserves the necessary treatment once in awhile.

Ekaant gives you unique opportunity to associate yourself with a Spiritual Center which will offer courses like Meditation, Yoga, Rekhi, Mud Bath, Chlorophil Bath etc. For now you can book yourself a fully furnished studio cottage, come to that place to stay with your family and for the other time enjoy the monthly rentals.

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Think smart while investing in Real Estate – Ekaant

Real estate investing, even on a very small scale, remains a tried and true means of building an individual’s cash flow and wealth.’ – Robert Kiyosaki

At certain stage in our life, we all face this very important question of investment. Some of us take too long in investing while some do it too early. You have to be very sure that you are making the right decision both in term of project you are investing in and the time you are investing at. After all, you would be investing your life long income.


A decade ago, the investment decisions were simple compared to present. With your 3 to 5 years of saving you could have purchased a flat/house. Now the situation is different. The prices of the flats have doubled in the last 5 years while the average income of people has almost remained same.

People still want to invest but in the saving that they have it is really difficult to get a home/flat. People need to look for alternatives, better investment options. There are very few places in real estate sector where an average individual can invest without huge loans from banks and also get good returns. You need to do some hard work, research, read up, and make smart, educated decisions to acquire the best real estate investments!

One such project has been launched by Wide Wings Corporations. The idea is to make sure investment is in the reach of average citizen and everyone gets a chance to grow. And by covering this project here we are reducing all your effort on the research part.

Ekaant – Forest Holiday Homes & Spiritual Center

This project located in Guhagar is going to be one of the biggest Spiritual Center of Maharashtra. They will be lot of people visiting this place over the next few years. People are expected from Europe and every part of India. This place is expected to be the biggest tourist attraction in coming years.

The project offers you –

-2000 sqft of N.A. land area which is Approved by Collector/ Town Planning ( Ratnagiri)

-320 sqft of fully furnished cottage which has all the amenities

-Rs 5000/- monthly rental guarantee for next three years

All this comes at a price of 15 lacs ONLY*.

It is a common knowledge to all that the prices of land and property in metro cities are already at peek. So it does not make much sense to invest in cities like Mumbai/Pune and expect high returns. Great investors always think ahead of time and invest in developing region. This makes Ekaant investor’s paradise. This is located in the most developing part of Maharashtra.

With the above details you can very well make out that if you have been waiting all this long to invest in a good project with a good return then your wait was worth. This project has double advantage – first, since you are investing in land the price is always going to increase and second you are getting a return on your investment in terms of monthly rental on your Studio cottage. A rare combination to get.

Stop waiting and take a step forward in knowing more about the project.

What exactly will be there and how all this will work will be covered in next article.

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Ekaant meets Technology – Customer Delight

In Real Estate or for that matter in any other industry your business growth is directly proportional to customer’s delight. In real estate industry if you study the average duration for which a customer stays with the company is 18 months – from the point of site visit to the final payment and possession. As a company it is very important to treat your customer the same way during these 18 months as you did on the first day.

Wide Wing Corporation is one such company which for past 18 years has been working on this same motto of customer’s delight. For their new project Ekaant they have used technology to enhance their customer experience with them.


Ekaant – Forest Holiday Home & Spiritual Center is located in Guhagar, Maharashtra. This will be the biggest Spiritual Center that the Konkan will have and it will be the perfect place to heal your mind.

The place is about 250km from both Pune and Mumbai so a perfect Holiday Destination for those who like to spend a peaceful weekend away from the city rush.

The launch of the projects phase 2  is on 5th Sep’16 and there has been great response in the pre launch period. Out of 20 cottages for phase 2, team has bookings for 8 in the pre launch period..

The project which will comprise of totally 132 furnished forest cottages( Phase 2 & 3) is 5 hour drive from Pune and Mumbai and there are many clients who would like to have the complete feel of the project before visiting the place or in some cases people would like to purchase without physically being present there. For all such client, Ekaant has come up with Virtual Tour and Virtual Reality.

Team setting up virtual reality tour 

Virtual Tour gives a 360 degree view of the project while Virtual Reality takes you to the project – you feel as if you are at the project site. Isn’t this amazing!! This is the best example of Customer Delight. Team Ekaant visits the customer place with the device and then takes you to the project – Virtually.

Joining hands with technology is a win-win situation for both customer and Team Ekaant. Team is able to help customer get the perfect picture of the project – photographs and video give you the idea of the project but Virtual Reality and Virtual Tour gives you the FEEL of the project. On the other hand, customer having feel of the project knows if this is his cup of tea or not. In most of the cases, once team has explained to them the project it is a YES from the customers.

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Team Ekaant is inviting people for a seminar on the project followed by a lunch. All those who are interested and in Pune or nearby please register with us. Other details will be conveyed after registration.

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