VoLT – An app that will help you master English

We come from the land of diversity. We have 22 official languages and around 150 which are spoken by sizeable population. English though not our native language has somehow emerged as a common language. It is kind of mandatory to learn it and use it at most of the places. The students who reach big institute and are from small town usually face big problem adjusting to this new world where ‘English is cool’.

There is no harm in not knowing English, but then there are certain places where you have to learn it to survive and compete. In this world of competition where you need to excel in every field if you have to be at top, a boy from Sunam, a small town in the district Sangur, Punjab was doing great in his engineering subjects but was behind his peers when it came to English speaking and vocabulary. He later turned out to be one of the founders of VoLT.

Before we know more about the founders, let us know about VoLT.

Vocabulary Learning Techniques or VoLT provides users with various techniques to better understand, remember, and recall difficult English words. The app does this through visual aids in the form of pictures, memory keys, sentence usage, antonyms, and synonyms.

The goal of the app is to make learning fun and easy and is targeted at students preparing for the various competitive exams, who find it difficult to understand English and end up cramming a large volume of words. I personally being part of such a group where we used to try each and everything to learn and understand words on daily basis, feel this is a great initiative and everyone trying to learn vocabulary should be using this app.


VoLT was founded by Abhishek Jain and Nishek Jain. Both of them have very strong academic profile to go with them.  They completing their schooling from their hometown, Abhishek cleared IIT-JEE in 2005 and joined IIT-BHU. He then went on to work at various institutions like Aakash, Resonanc, Pace. He currently is coaching IIT aspirants in Mumbai.

His younger brother Nishek decided to join BITS Pilani in 2007 and worked at a power sector firm in India and Saudi Arabia for three years. He recently cleared the Indian Engineering Services (IES) with an All India rank of 18.

As stated earlier, it was their struggle in their academic years from which this idea was originated. They tried all the methods to better their English but most of them did not helped. Quoting Abhishek, “While reading a sentence in the editorial section of the newspaper, I would sometimes come across four to five words in the same sentence that I didn’t understand. Constantly referring to the dictionary didn’t help. In fact, it was demotivating.” They wanted to create something which would be easy to use and more user friendly.

Before this app, they have already launched a book by same name in January 2013 and sold over 50000 copies. It was the success of this book that motivated them and their team, Smita Mishra Jain(CFO) to go ahead with this idea of app.

There are many books available in market for learning the language but the simplicity with which this idea helps you in learning the language differentiates it from the rest. Users can either learn new words through the memory key or revise words they have already learnt. All the different features in the app add value and make the process of learning easier. The ‘memory key’ includes some interesting tips and tricks that simplifies difficult words and makes it easier to understand and recall them.

We wish the team at VoLT all the best and ask all readers to help spread the word so people who are willing to make effort to learn are benefited. This is highly recommended for student preparing for exams like CAT, GRE, GMAT etc.

If you have any such Startup which is helping people or society, do let us know we would like to cover their story too.

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