Start Up Nation – India is changing!

Not sure what has happened lately, it seems I am surrounded by only Startups. In morning, the first thing that catches my eye is Startup as some or the other Startups are there on the first page of newspaper. The business section talks about the funding the Startups are getting. You move to social media – #facebook #Quora and then there are only post related to Startups. I think I choose to read all this, but that is the point – how Startup culture from Silicon Valley has moved to India and the fun part is within no time span.

Three years back, I would have not known this term as there was no one was doing this and nothing was available to read. But within no time, the Indian startup ecosystem has really taken off and come into its own—the key to it are factors such as massive funding, consolidation activities, evolving technology and lot of media attention.

Who would have imagined the most anticipated video on YouTube in India would be #TVF’s Pitchers which is about Startup. The numbers are telling—from 3,100 startups in 2014 to a projection of more than 11,500 by 2020, this is certainly not a passing trend. It’s a revolution. Quoting a line by Rajat Khanna from TVF Pitchers – ‘ You guys are creating a revolution and you guys even don’t know it. Mark my words – the face of this nation is not going to be changed not by politicians or film stars, it is going to be changed by entrepreneurs.’

There is something that made me write about startup again apart from all above. Two days back, I replied to a Question on #Quora that was asking if you are interested in developing mobile app for me? Few minutes later I received a message and person on the other side was asking questions about my experience, what kind of work I have done, where do you live, what is your age and many more. After answering few, I asked ‘Why are you asking so many question and how my age matters?’ The reply just brought a smile on my face, ‘Because you would be would be working with 15 yr old’

India is really changing, or else who would have imagined a 15 year old planning to start his own company. He later offered me 50-50 partnership. I am pretty sure that there would be many other such teens who would be dreaming to be next Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. We at TechCorp try to motivate such talent in whatever way we could.

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Competition – Good or bad for business?

We launched our new product, when we started sales and marketing campaign for it we realized we have a strong competition and that too from big player(the so called heavily funded). We have to change our strategy and make it more active and aggressive.

So for this week I decided to write something on competition for us and for others.

It has both pros and cons to it. For the sales team competition is bad as they have to lose projects because of competitors but at the same time competition is good for the marketing team as they get more attention on product for less effort from there end.


I guess any market would not survive without competition. It is everywhere; you can’t run away from it. Look around the greatest example is restaurant industry. There are so many of them on a single lane, yet they all work for business. As one of several companies offering a similar product, you are forced to compete for customers. Improving your customer service will garner loyal followers.

In India, we are seeing a healthy competition in all the verticals. Be it between – Ola and Uber, the vast number of smart phones or Food Panda and rising Tiny Owl. Currently this is a best phase for the consumers as they are able to enjoy so many perks from each one of them. For the company they are continuously improving in every possible aspect which they would have not in case they had no competition. It keeps them always on toes.

In today’s world the biggest industry with competition is probably the automobile and smart phone industries. So many models are coming every day and it is kind of good at least for the consumer. From the company’s point of view – The advantage that I see is – Competition leads to innovation. If there is monopoly in the industry, it can be difficult to improve. And if they are working in a crowded market, companies won’t succeed by doing what everyone else does. Healthy competition encourages change which will distinguish one company from others. Overall this is good for the society as we are continuously innovating and reaching new heights in terms of technology and innovation.

The bottom line is that if you did not have competition, that would be a BAD thing. You think that you are the only one to think of that brilliant idea? Think again. Anything that’s worth doing has a form of it around already. The more competition, the more opportunity. “Pioneers get slaughtered, and the settlers prosper.”

I am waiting for your thoughts on competition.

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Marketing – Easy or difficult?

The topic for this week was something else but I read a single line somewhere which prompted me to write this article. I have been “trying to” market our new product. That line somehow made me realized what I was doing and to look at things with a different perspective.

Marketing is like sex and everyone thinks he is good at it’. How many of us really are? Probably we are not the one who can decide on this, our target audience are in better position to let us know that our work has left some effect or not. The question now is – Is marketing difficult or easy?

First things when we are talking about marketing is to know what level of marketing we are talking about, marketing has different meaning for different companies. Marketing for Apple will be always different for a start up like ours.

The hardest thing about marketing is – Remembering it’s always about the money.

Easiest – Remembering it is never about the money.


I think marketing is hard because we/people think it is easy. When you think something is easy, level of your effort and planning are naturally down. When you know beforehand that the thing you are going to do is hard, you plan in a better way. The level of thinking/effort put in is higher as compared to normal or easy scenario.

Unless you have huge pocket marketing is all about patience. Traditional method takes time for marketing. Also I have realized a major difference between sales and marketing. I went yesterday to one of my client for, waiting for him to arrive for presentation, I asked myself a question. I am here to sell my product or market it? This was very important question and I should be clear in my head with the answer before I start the presentation. Because if I will be selling my product, I will be asking my client to buy it, but if I am marketing my product then I will be giving him reasons to buy our product. I went with marketing. Outcome is still awaited.

So whenever you plan to start a campaign – take it as a challenge. Nothing comes easy in life.Put in your best efforts and planning. Results will surely come sooner or later.

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