User Experience – Do big players (Foodpanda/Flipkart etc) have different meaning to this?

The big players of Indian E-commerce are doing great and trying every possible way to get maximum user response on their sites. Are they succeeding? I think they are. After all they are heavily funded to attract the customers. Will they continue to succeed? That’s the real question. These funding are not going to continue for long so what remains will be user experience and using their services does not make me a happy user.

In the process of expanding they are failing to focus on very important aspect of customer retention – User experience. I think they do think about it but in a different way. Recently Foodpanda came up with a great weekend discount – ‘Get Rs 300 on order of Rs 450’. The response was as expected or probably more than that. Restaurants were getting over booked by 9 pm and then closed with no further order and  in some cases they had to cancel some orders which were booked, neither the restaurants were prepared nor Foodpanda(the app as well as website crashed at peak hours). The basic rule for anything you do in business is to be prepared for worst case scenarios. They were not and the sad part was this was not the first time. Same scenario happened 2 weeks back.

Giving such huge discount is the only job that these big players have? This weekend I spend nearly 4 hours trying to order food and after 4 unsuccessful transactions I finally gave up. I guess they are trying for user experience but with different meaning because what I got was worst user experience. Who likes to spend so long ordering food on weekend?


Does simply sending bulk apology mail or sending the bouquet makes user happy? Not me. It’s like you invite somebody for dinner, once they waited for few hours you tell them there is no food for them and once they are gone, you send a sorry mail. Does this make any sense? I think instead of spending investor’s money on heavy discount they can give moderate discount and better user experience. I would prefer Rs 50 less discount but at least I should get what I want to eat. Let less people come and order but at least they will be going happy, instead calling everyone for the party and sending them with no food.

Foodpanda is not alone – even Flipkart is doing something great as part of its marketing. Here is how things went with my friend last week. At 11.58 am it showed – Out of Stock and after 12.15 pm he was not a registered user. He did registered and even got a mail from them with instruction. Are these companies playing some game with their customers?

lenovo case

Now the big question in front of these companies is – Do they want huge unsatisfied user base or large satisfied and happy users.

P.S – This is written from a user perspective not a critic.

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3 Dimensional Time Management

Time Management has always been a topic of discussion among entrepreneurs. Over the centuries things that people could do in their life span has increased exponentially. 100 years back a person will just be spending his whole life locally, now a person has option to travel the whole world. Now a person can possibly do everything which is known to him. But that is not possible. Because time is limited and you just have 24 hours with you in day.

So here comes a very important question – with so many things to do in life how do you manage time to do everything? Time management is not just logical now but also emotional. When you decide to do something, you are deciding not doing something at the same point. Hence an emotional touch.

Time Management concept has evolved with time. At the start concept of Time Management just had One Dimension and now we have third dimension to it. Let us see what exactly these dimensions are-

1 Dimensional Time Management – This was all about efficiency and how to do things faster, this concept came at a time when things we could do were increasing very fast and when people thought of time management all they thought about was how they can do things faster so they can try doing all the things. Idea was to build tools and use technology to do things faster.

2 Dimensional Time Management – A time came when people realized that it was no longer possible to do everything so now they started to prioritize the task. Hence they focused on task that is important and urgent. If we ever have read anything about time management we would have seen the 4 quadrant graph like below –


3 Dimensional Time Management – But time has changed now, everything seems to be urgent. What to do now? So here comes a new dimension to time management – Significance. Now you have to ask a question – how long something is going to matter and whether it will have an impact on the future? Now you have to multiply your time and you can multiply your time by giving yourself the EMOTIONAL permission to spend time on things today that will give you more time tomorrow – you have to ask is it worth doing now.

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Start up – Choose your path

When you start your journey on the paths on entrepreneurship you have two choices in front of you. You got to decide – what is your final destination and how prepared you are to reach there and once you are there how you manage to stay and enjoy your position.


You can decide to be going to either of these places as your fun ride to business start up. One that starts something ground up, something that no one has thought about and is often ground breaking, what we call next big thing. This type of startup is difficult to think about and create but once created often sees unprecedented growth. The second kind of startups that we see around us are primarily the ones that do not want to reinvent the wheel. They are akin to adding old sauce in a new dish to create something new and innovative.

The crowded places are easy to find, everyone knows about them and you can reach there very easily but once you are there question is will you be able to enjoy? The other place is not known to others and hence difficult to find. You have to take unknown paths, look for things others have not looked upon. The joy is when you finally reach such a place, you are the king. You have all the space to enjoy in whatever manner you like to.

So many around me are starting something new every day, some will fail and some will succeed. But that is not the question that who will succeed or who will fail, point is we all are trying. If we try we may succeed or we may fail but if we are not trying we have already failed.

One of the best lines I have read on entrepreneurship and starting your own business -“Starting a business is like jumping out of an airplane without a parachute. In mid air, the entrepreneur begins building a parachute and hopes it opens before hitting the ground.” – Rich Dad

All the best to everyone out there who are trying!

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The sale doesn’t start until the customer says no!!

Last couple of articles has been on Sales and the series continues.

I have been preparing for my sales presentation lately and I was just wondering what would be ideal percentage for conversion. Then a thought occurred why I am thinking about the conversion ratio. Those who don’t buy our services at first, will I be giving up on them?

Obviously No.

Read a beautiful line somewhere – People who succeed in sales do not expect every single prospect to purchase what they’re selling immediately, effortlessly.  No way!

Instead, they anticipate that while some will buy, many will not. Their job is to anticipate those declines and to prepare in advance what to do when they get them.

The sales starts from here. The conversion that we make from these prospects will be real sale.

Anyone who invests any time at all at rejecting your proposition, has created an opportunity for you to come back to convince him.

If in your first call , you get a customer saying “yes”, you have not made a sale to him, you have taken order from him. The “no” is part of the learning curve.


I suppose if you can’t get the “order,” out right, work on those baby steps; you may need to go broad in gaining agreement to a number of facets of the nature of your product before you get the big one. Whatever it is you are selling is designed to solve a problem; at a minimum, gain agreement that that problem does indeed exist, and he/she has had to manage it.

If you can understand the reason for his know, probably you will find out where you are lacking in to give the prospect what exactly he/she wants. The early you understand your shortcoming, sooner you climb that ladder where you can hear more frequent “yes”.

It begins with “no” whatever you do – its up to you how soon you can change to “yes”

First step in Sales – Selling Yourself, your likability

Today I am going to share a story of a friend. Let us refer to him as James. My friend James work as a sales executive in a company which manufactures food flavours. The story begins with the parking lot where I met him coincidentally after 14 months. He was ready to leave when I called him and we ended up in a nearby coffee shop for some fun time. During the conversation, I came to know that he was going through a rough time as it has been 6 months in his new company and he was not able to make a good sale. Well I think I knew the reason.
James is a very talented man in terms of product knowledge but when it comes to sales, he lacks a very basic but most important talent of Selling Himself.
Yes, you heard me right and those who have gone through my earlier post (click here to read) regarding how to sell things will agree with me. The most important prerequisite of being in sales is to be able to sell oneself.
I strongly believe that whatever we are doing at the end of the day we are selling our self. You go to an interview you sell yourself. Even when you are selling a product you are selling yourself because if you can’t make yourself to be likeable you can’t make the customer like your product. It is like being the first impression of your product or service.
By selling oneself, I mean to impress the target customer and bring him to a common platform of understanding where your connection is so comfortable to trust you that the next step becomes very easy.
So here comes a very important concept about selling yourself – Likability. When you interact with someone you give your listener below choices –
a. They like you
b. They don’t like you
d. They may be neutral to you they don’t care what you are talking about.
James, although a brilliant person, lacks the quality of impressing his customers. His body language, expressions, attitude, postures etc. do not comply with the knowledge he has about the product.
Body language is the indirect mode of communication but the most important one. And sadly, most of us are using them incorrectly. When the mind, face, body, and voice are working together for the benefit of the audience, the end result is almost always likability, and likability wins.
Another important factor is Confidence. A winning attitude and a smart expression always gives a right impression about the product. It is not the product but your confidence or attitude about it which gets registered in the minds of your customer. Present your service with full confidence and a smiling face, the positivity will automatically spread.
The next feature required to sell you is listening. Being an active Listener casts an impression of dependability and generates trust. You may have wonderful solutions but if you do not listen, you might end up suggesting something which is not acceptable to the customer and hence of no use.
There are other pillars on which stands the art of selling yourself. You can share your experiences and feedback with us. I will be happy to learn and know more from you.

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