In the modern world of business, it is useless to be a creative, original thinker unless you can also sell what you create

The biggest company at present – Apple is not doing great just because it is creative but it knows how to sell it products. For every product that comes to market has some great selling idea that is new and innovative that forces you to buy the product.

There are only two ways you can be successful in business. First, you know how to sell, the other is you have your own creative ideas and you know how to sell them. The later ones are more successful for the obvious reason.l-79499

You are pretty sure that the product you are going to launch is going to be great. How will the world know about this? You have to learn to sell your product. Selling starts not before the product launch but as soon as you have that ‘creative’ idea. You have to sell that idea to the investors, to your team so that they feel great about working on that. And then finally to your audience.

I have a friend who is great at building/creating products but he has no clue how to sell them. You can’t keep on innovating for yourself. If he would have known how to sell them, I would have been mentioning about him in some great success story articles.

We have great thinker, we have people who are good in selling. Now somebody has to come forward and create a flat form where we can have thinker/innovators with great selling skills.

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Content is king, but marketing is queen and runs the household!!

In the game of chess, the Queen is the most valuable player, able to move any number of squares vertically, horizontally, or diagonally even though King is what we are playing for.  In the word of marketing, content is said to be King; it educates people so that they know, like, and trust you well enough to do business with you.  But great content doesn’t market itself.  According to Copyblogger’s Senior Editor Sonia Simone, “Content needs vehicles for people to pass it along, discuss its merits, argue over its controversies, blog it, mash it, tweet it, and even scrape it.”


No matter what you are selling and how good that is – without marketing its not possible to take control of the space. Specially in this digital world so many products are launching everyday and consumers don’t have even time to pay attention to all of them.

In a slightly dated study by AOL and Nielsen, 27 MILLION pieces of content are shared every DAY! In fact, we create as much content in 2 days as we did from the invention of writing to 2003! And, this metric is dated 2010. By now, we likely create as much content in a single day as we did from the dawn of time until 2003.

That’s a LOT of content and your little piece will go unnoticed unless you incorporate marketing into your content strategy.

A customer goes to a store to buy a coffee and he sees 3 brands and he has seen advertisement or hoarding of all of them or any other form of marketing, so which one he is going to buy. The product that has most beautiful and different queen associated with it.
You just launched a product and sitting back hoping to find customers because you believe your product is great and different. Not gonna happen any more. You got to push hard, harder than what you think can bring success.

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Lessons for startup

Learning is a continuous phase – you have to learn something new daily not only in life but also for business. For a startup it is even more important to keep on trying new things. Here are the 5 things any startup should keep in mind in their initial days :

Always be working – It’s hard work and you’d better work hard. If you’re not ready to eat, sleep, and breathe your startup, you may want to reconsider. Remove the term “work-life balance” from your vocabulary and focus like a machine.

An intense businessman who typically put in 16-hour days and took only two three-day vacations in the first five years after establishing Microsoft, Bill Gates was demanding and strong-willed about implementing his vision.

Networking – The more people in your network the more chances for success. The initial days should be all about building relationship. In a long run these are the people who are going to give you business

Plan Small – Overhead kills companies and it will kill your startup if you’re not careful. Get the smallest office possible, if you even need one. Many companies can operate remotely, which saves you thousands of rupees per month providing office space for your team. Instead use this money for marketing, training your people etc.

Dream – You started your company with a dream. Continue to live that dream. You should not let your dream die at any point of time. have goals and be prepared to do anything to achieve them.

Enjoy your work – You started your own venture to be free from 9-5 struggle. So if you are not enjoying that you have missed your initial purpose. So make sure you are enjoying what you are doing.

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